Artificial Grass Cleaning Service

We have a 4 step process to getting your artificial grass lawn smelling good, looking good and as clean as the day it was laid. We recommend a bi annual service to keep your lawn looking great.

Step 1.

Light Debris Removal

We will use a powerful leaf blower to blow away any light debris such as twigs and a few leaves.

Step 2.

Power Brushing

The whole lawn will be power brushed in different directions to loosen any dirt, dust, pet hair, twigs, weeds etc trapped in the lawn. For any stubborn or difficult to reach areas we use an alternative smaller electric brush. This brushing will also tease up the flattened grass fibres.

Step 3.

A clean and scrub

Our unique cleaning machine is set up according to the height of the grass. A cleaning mix is prepared and added to the cleaning system before the grass is washed, cleaned and scrubbed. Any dirt and debris remaining is extracted at this point.

Step 4.

Light spray with odour freshner and final power brush

If required the grass will be given a light spray with an odour freshner to rid the lawn of any stubborn odours.Our solution is kid and pet friendly. A final power brush will raise the grass fibres to their former glory leaving a clean, refreshed and rejuvenated lawn.

Full terms of service:

  • We will need access to your garden to wheel in our machine which is approximately 60 cm wide (please make sure access is clear).
  • We also ask for the grass area to be as clear as possible with any chairs and apparatus etc moved (trampolines can be slid across if there is space).
  • Please make sure any animal faeces are cleaned up prior to our visit.
  • We are not offering a leaf clearance service, so make sure the garden is free from debris (we will power brush/blow any light debris that remains or that is caught in fibres).
  • We do need access to water ideally an outdoor tap so we can attach a hose.
  • We do need access to electricity.