The Artificial Grass Cleaning Company - Keeping artificial grass looking and smelling great for years

Even though new and improved grass products and fibres have entered the marketplace many if not most looked quite unspectacular after a few years. The grass lay flat, the colour of the fibres was dull and if the family owned pets they often smelled awful. To address the odour issue different infills and odour removers have been trialled but I have never found a perfect solution until now.

I have sourced a commercial grade cleaning machine that not only removes pet odours but it helps solve all the other issues I have come across and completely rejuvenates the lawn, so it looks as good as the day it was laid.

Flatted dirty lawn
artificial grass

1st company to use a commercial cleaning system on an artificial lawn

The solution is now here, and we are extremely excited to introduce to you our new venture The Artificial Grass Cleaning Company. After extensive research and work with industrial cleaning companies we have found the machine we have been searching for. This new piece of equipment will not only thoroughly deep clean your lawn, it will rejuvenate the fibres colour, de-odourise (subject to the grass backing), and re-lift the grass fibres. All this whilst keeping the lawn pet and child friendly. The good news also with the new PU backed grasses, it will make infills like Zeofil and our own dog wee sand redundant.

A complete range of Services

It is not only the new cleaning machine we will use to clean the grass. We can offer you the complete package, including, light debris removal, reverse power brushing to remove the debris caught in the fibres, a light application of pre-wash before applying our new machine. We can also add an extra odour remover leaving your grass smelling fresher than a brand-new lawn.

Our aim is to prolong the life of your grass with a regular cleaning. This will save you the customer money and adding longevity to the grass will delay the old artificial grass going into landfill.


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