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Following is a list of the 8 best reasons to get your artificial grass lawn professionally cleaned. Sure there are some regular maintenance tasks that you as the owner of the lawn can perform such as removing any debris and hosing the lawn but getting your lawn cleaned by experts takes it to the next level.

There are no doubt many other reasons for getting your artificial lawn cleaned but these should get you thinking. And with cleaning starting from just £99.99 you can have a new looking and fresh smelling lawn in no time.

1. Hosting a garden party

With summer just round the corner you may be looking to hold a BBQ for friends, a birthday party or wedding reception in your back garden. You will be wanting your lawn to look as good as possible for when your guests arrive.

2. Just hosted a party

Wine and beer may have spilled on the lawn from your garden party and the grass fibres flattened from all the people standing on it. Getting the lawn professionally cleaned will bring the fibres back to life and remove any odours in the grass.

3. Beginning of Spring

Over the long winter months many artificial grass lawns get flattened by snow and ice. Leaves and other debris also accumulate in the pile. Spring is a great time of the year to get the lawn cleaned with more outdoor time on the horizon.

4. Selling your home

A simple and cost effective way to sell your home is to make a great first impression. If you have artificial grass fitted in your front garden get it looking as good as it can. If you have pets you don’t want prospective buyers getting a whiff of dog urine when they view the property.

5. Kids play on the lawn a lot

Lawns are often used as the ‘Wembley of the home’. Kids spend hours kicking the ball on the grass and it inevitably flattens. Just like Wembley the grass needs a little maintenance to keep it looking great.

6. Pets urinate on the lawn

If pets regularly wee on the grass it is common for grass to smell during the drier summer months when rain doesn’t push the urine through the grass. Also if the grass fitted does not have a PU backing dog wee will be absorbed into the grass. Getting a thorough clean by professionals followed by the addition of a grass scent will help with this issue.

7. Garden is surrounded by overhanging trees and bushes

Overhanging trees and bushes will overtime deposit mud, leaves, twigs, branches and other organic matter on the lawn. A good powerbrush, blow and wash will get the grass back to its former glory. The grass will look greener and its drainage will improve.

8. Artificial grass lawn hasn’t been cleaned in over a year

If you just haven’t ever cleaned your artificial lawn because you didn’t think it was possible or you didn’t know of any professional cleaner now is the time to book an appointment.

There may well be other reasons you need your artificial grass lawn cleaning or you might need it cleaning because of a combination of the above. It costs from £99.99 to get your lawn professionally cleaned. Call us on 020 81664168 for a no obligation quotation or fill our our online form.

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